Software solutions provider Visual 2000 has launched an on-demand training tool that provides clients with access to exclusive, remote training classes focused on their specific needs.

Subscribers to Visual 2000's new premium service can invite Visual 2000 training professionals to remotely and securely access their ERP, PLM or other software solutions to deliver hands-on education on any functional aspect of the fashion-focused software.

The training programme is designed to help apparel and fashion companies maximise their system investments and improve personal and overall business productivity.

"Our On-Demand Training program is designed for time-strapped companies that want to get the most From their systems," said business development associate Jonathan Benoualid.

"As technology has become essential to success in the highly competitive fashion industries, many of our clients are looking for more ways to get the most from our systems.

"We decided to add the On-Demand program to our training menu because it offers a very convenient and focused option for delivering pinpoint training on customer-specific topics. We expect that many of our global clients will take
advantage of this new service option."

The training programme is available to all Visual 2000 clients through a monthly subscription plan. Subscribers get up to three hours of online training per month for an unlimited number of employees.