A series of monthly webinars aimed at helping apparel retailers and manufacturers understand the benefits and implementation of PLM (product lifecycle management) is due to kick-off later this month.

Organised by software supplier Zweave, and sponsored by the PLM group on the LinkedIn networking website, the PLM Webinar Series begins 29 January with a webinar titled: Love your PLM Software, Love your PLM Implementation.

The one-hour session will focus on: PLM configuration versus customisation; On demand PLM versus license purchasing options, open source PLM and Post Java technical approaches.

“We believe PLM education is lacking and have decided to step up and formally launch a webinar series open to our members and industry,” says Leah Poller, VP marketing at Zweave.

“Our focus is to invite the small and medium size companies to the PLM conversation as well as constituents of the organisations making PLM investments, and educate them on their options, market trends and provide a platform for dialogue.”

David Buck, Zweave’s CIO, adds: “With our PLM webinar Series we want to cut through the clutter of PLM messaging to the industry which typically has a sales focus.”