New York, NY, January 11th, 2009 - Zweave, Inc., the leader in On Demand PLM software for Apparel Retail and Manufacturing organizations is pleased to announce the release of its integrated PLM suites for design, sourcing and marketing. This new release supports integrated collaboration, project management and information management features critical to design, production and sales & marketing teams creating and delivering apparel products.

“We cater to the entire organization and offer a full menu of options that you can select from. Until you are fully engaged in a PLM project you don’t realize what you need, how you need it and when you need it. Our “a la carte” approach to PLM changes the way you buy and implement PLM and gives you control over the scope, the ROI and ultimately your success” says Laura McCann-Ramsey, CEO of Zweave. “Typically when organizations set out to implement PLM they require a phased approach to deliver functionality to each department and business process. In certain organizations we have seen the implementation of PLM to the design department take a year or more, sourcing even longer and other parts of the organization’s business processes are left out of the PLM picture entirely ” said McCann-Ramsey.

“When PLM costs too much or takes too long to implement the ROI for an organization vanishes. In this economy, we want to create value immediately and the only way to do that is to solve problems before customers know they even have them. Our modular approach decreases risk by lowering the cost of PLM, the time to implement and the unknowns typical of implementations with unclear scopes”. Says David Buck, CIO. “Our typical PLM project for takes 4 months to implement at an average cost of $35,000. If you thought you needed to put off your PLM investment till the economy changes you can think again”.

“We have developed the first PLM Application suite that supports an end to end process. With 17 unique PLM Studios, bundled into 5 suites, Zdesign changes the way products get to market.

  • Zdesign Creative Suite includes tools for color, design, fit, trend, line planning, and material research including fabric, trims, packaging, graphics and non textile materials. With this Studio design teams can manage research and product development leveraging Bill of material, Tech pack and more
  • Zdesign Sourcing Suite includes tools for managing sampling, costing and production activities and supports pre-production and production activities
  • Zdesign Marketing Suite supports content management for sales and marketing teams and includes robust features to manage catalogs, web pages, price sheets and any materials in support of sales and marketing initiatives
  • Zdesign Collaboration Suite includes Vendor and Showroom portals that can be customized to being your development and supply chain partners into the mix
  • Zdesign Project management Suite is a fully integrated project management tool that provides critical path, calendaring, pipeline management and weaves through every activity you do

About Zweave
Zweave, Inc. is a leader in on-demand Design Automation Software, serving the needs of federal and consumer product development organizations. For the thousands of people working in organizations that design, source and manufacture clothing, footwear, equipment, textiles and consumer products, Zweave’s software solutions make it as easy as possible to share and manage product development information anywhere, anytime.