Scandinavian fashion retailer Varner is ramping up its European expansion, helped by the successful implementation of new product lifecycle management (PLM) software.

The company, which operates 1,500 stores, is using the Centric Software PLM tool in the jersey and underwear divisions of its Cubus ladies' brand and the coats and jersey divisions at Dressmann.

The two brands chosen for the first phase of the Centric PLM implementation were selected on the basis of their different markets and varied methods, making them ideal candidates for further standardisation. Cubus sells clothing for men, women and children, and is one of Scandinavia's largest fashion chains. Dressmann leads the regional market for menswear, with 380 stores in the Nordic countries, Germany and Austria. 

"In the short time since we began working with Centric, Varner has already launched one new brand, called A-Z, bringing over expert resources from other concepts to secure our success," says Ole Martin Holt-Jacobsen, head of business applications.

"Using the Centric PLM platform to optimise processes and standardise working environments across brands and product categories will make the process of starting a new brand more seamless in the future."

With a presence in eight European countries and headcount of around 11,000 people, Varner uses its experienced design and development professionals to help grow new brands and create new retail experiences.

Designers, buyers and production controllers in Norway now use Centric to create new styles within Centric's Adobe Illustrator module. These teams work directly from their native Adobe Illustrator environment to access key product related information managed by Centric, turning creative elements into actionable product information.

In addition, select suppliers and production offices in Turkey are the first external users in an implementation that will eventually reach at least eight countries.