The vast majority of companies employing PLM at the moment have a powerful resource that they are not using to its fullest extent. Using the engine of Big Data, PLM will become increasingly indispensable for both the creation process and for fostering innovation within fashion companies by using big data and real-time feedback from customers.

Our industry experts will explore how big data-grounded PLM can streamline and unify aspects of your business to an extent never before thought possible.

You’ll learn about items such as:

  • How to profit from using Big Data & PLM together
  • How to utilize Big Data for Retail, Ecommerce and more
  • Using proper KPI functionalities to make data meaningful
  • And much more

The webinar features Charles Benoualid, CEO & VP of R&D at Visual Next, and Perry Bonney, MD at PDP Limited who have over 50 years of RFA business and technology professional experience combined.

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