Today, more and more companies realize that they need to make up for missed investments (time, resources, money) in their supply chain. Global sourcing trends, higher socio-economic customer awareness as well as multiple sustainability initiatives require having a transparent and especially compliant supply chain.

Join this diverse webinar and learn:

- Tier 1 / tier 2 transparency is not sufficient

- Not only social, but quality, chemical, ecological and toxicological compliance will be necessary

- Common tools such as Excel and E-Mail will not help to manage this


Event speaker: Guido Brackelsberg

Mr. Brackelsberg obtained a Bachelor of Science in Banking and International Finance from the City University Business School in London. During the 1990s, before his entrance into the global SCM market, he worked for Lehman Brothers in London. During the last fifteen years, he has gained extensive experience in the management of Global Supply Chains.

Guido Brackelsberg is founder and Managing Director for Sales and Business Development at Setlog GmbH in Germany as well as Video President & Chief Sales Officer at Setlog Corp., the 100 % subsidiary of Setlog GmbH. 


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