NEW YORK, NY – March 26, 2008 – Yunique Solutions Inc., developer of the fashion industry’s independently top-ranked product lifecycle management solutions, is announcing the addition of significant new image management capabilities to its flagship plmOn™ PLM solution. Already in use at select customer sites, these advanced digital storyboard, image sharing, and Adobe® integration tools are aimed at addressing the specific needs of fashion designers, merchandisers, and product developers. The new PLM tools promise to extend the already broad appeal of Yunique Solutions among these creative and collaborative teams.

Innovative new image cataloging tools in Yunique’s plmOn enable users to place virtually any digital assets such as materials, trims, sketches, technical drawings, pictures, into a digital storyboard for use in line planning, line selection, and visual collaboration with suppliers and customers. Once design and merchandising concepts are added, the digital storyboard serves as the natural starting point for product developers to launch new raw materials and product/style development right from this visual workspace.

Images managed in plmOn may be appended and displayed with a wide range of user-configurable information to describe the image and identify its style, component, and other product relationships. Of special significance to fashion companies, the browser-based software is fully compatible with both PC and Mac operating systems and allows users to work directly with popular design file formats. In contrast to other web-based systems that are limited to low-resolution JPG or similar image types, plmOn manages native Adobe® Illustrator® files for sketches and technical drawings; Adobe® Photoshop® files for prints and yarn dyes; and industry-specific CAD systems such as U4ia®, Blue Fox Nedgraphics, and Pointcarré. The system also incorporates advanced search capabilities and automatic change notification designed to further streamline the use and management of all company images, digital assets, and storyboards.

Yunique’s digital images and storyboards make sharing any product information simple and easy - whether among in-house teams, across the supply chain or with customers. Designers, merchants, developers and customers can share and add comments to the image catalog as part of the previewing/buying process.
These visual collaboration tools are also very effective for managing product quality issues, making sourcing decisions, and communicating with factories. Suppliers and business partners may view images and storyboards and add their comments and feedback. Some are also using the storyboard features to visually share and archive photos of their mood boards and sample products. They can even share their visuals with non-Yunique-licensed partners through emails containing thumbnail images and hyperlinks to web-based shared information and graphics.

To further enrich the user experience, Yunique has developed Adobe Illustrator tool boxes that provide fashion-specific brushes, symbols and other design tools exclusively for plmOn users. These special tools speed the process and quality of image management by ensuring that Illustrator images created by plmOn users are always drawn in the correct scale and weight. A true digital asset management tool, plmOn also maintains a complete visual revision history of all images in the system that allows users to view and immediately revert back to a previous version when required. These and other time-saving features of plmOn allow designers to employ best practices to get in and out of their work much faster than ever before.

“We embrace the fact that fashion is a visual business”, stated Daniel Pak, Yunique CTO. “To this end, we will continue to develop and incorporate the tools that help make our customers some of the most productive and satisfied PLM users in the world.”

About Yunique Solutions
Yunique Solutions Inc. is a New York-based developer of web browser-based product lifecycle management (PLM) and supplier relationship management (SRM) solutions that enable today’s fast-paced apparel, textiles, and accessories retailers, brands, and manufacturers speed more trend-setting merchandise to market by improving collaboration across their entire supply chains.

Yunique’s flagship plmOn™ and srmOn™ products comprise a comprehensive suite of industry-specific technologies and services including line management, digital asset (image) management, materials management, specifications management, quotation and bid management, sample and production planning, and process tracking and management. Based on Microsoft’s innovative .NET computing platform, Yunique’s software solutions leverage the internet to provide organizations with the ease of use and global connectivity needed to execute, analyze, and optimize their businesses.