Italian apparel manufacturing company Zamasport has selected Lectra Fashion PLM to help improve its product development processes for luxury brand collections.

Zamasport develops high-end collections from first prototype of a garment through to its production. The company develops around 20 collections a year for premium brands, and is facing the challenge of increased demand for higher-volume orders to be delivered on time while maintaining high quality standards.

Lectra Fashion PLM will serve as a collaborative platform for all of Zamasport's teams involved in the design-to-production process. They will be able to communicate and share accurate information in real time, enabling them to hasten their decision-making process. As a result, fabric waste, overlapping tasks and errors will be avoided, dramatically reducing time to market.

"We are a very dynamic company and our top priority right now is to gain momentum and flexibility in order to fulfill our clients' demands," said Amedeo Cioffi, general manager of Zamasport. "Simulating product development cost estimates in advance will save us a huge amount of time.

"We have been a Lectra customer for over 20 years, so Lectra Fashion PLM came naturally as the first choice to us," he added. "We have experienced first-hand the effectiveness of Lectra's design, marker-making and automated cutting solutions and in-depth expertise, which gave us the perfect fit and quality of our garments."