Growing pains. When kids have them, it's because they're about to move into a new stage of development. You see these kinds of growing pains in business too. These pains can happen when you realize you don't have the right tools and capabilities to complete anything from a daily task to a large, complex job.

For many businesses, these are the kinds of growing pains that let you know it's time to add an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution-or to upgrade the one you already have.

In this industry perspective written with the CEO top of mind - you'll be asked to consider:

  • Does the ERP system you're considering "speak" the language of your industry?
  • Does the ERP system support evolving business models?
  • Will the vendor's implementation methodology get you up and running quickly?
  • Does the ERP system offer preconfigured solutions to get you up and running quickly?
  • What is the total cost of ownership of your ERP system?
  • Does the ERP vendor offer local services and support?
  • Does the vendor have solid customer references in your industry?
  • We'll then provide some insights into what to do once you're ready.

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