Executives from sportswear giant Adidas and fashion brands The Unseen and Marc Jacobs are among the companies set to headline the third PI Apparel (Product Innovation Apparel) conference in June.

The speakers will discuss how technology such as product lifecycle management (PLM), 3D product design, sourcing and planning tools can speed up innovation and aid the streamlining of product lifecycles. They will also focus on the challenges and opportunities offered by modern technology.

Lauren Bowker, founder of The Unseen, a London based fashion brand that blends biological and chemical matter to the materials they use, will join Adidas VP of innovation and wearable technology, Qaizar Hassonjee, who will host a keynote session on wearable technology and its evolution into fashion design.

In addition, Elle Thompson, VP of PLM and special project operations at Marc Jacobs, Walter Wilhelm, VP of business process at outdoor equipment and apparel business Black Diamond, and Craig Crawford, founderpreneur of Crawford IT and former VP of IT strategy, architecture & relationships at British luxury brand Burberry, will also be speaking.

The event will take place The Union League Club, in Manhattan, US from 23-24 June.

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