Spanish retailer Adolfo Dominguez has invested in a PLM system to digitally transform its operations for greater visibility and control and to eliminate unnecessary and duplicated tasks. 

The fashion company, which has 470 points of sale in 30 countries, has adopted Centric Software's Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution.

"We are renewing our production process and within this renewal we want to be able to review the way in which we develop and distribute products, optimising each step of the way," explains Angela García de la Lastra, product director at Adolfo Dominguez. "The fundamental reason for implementing PLM is to have a single tool that will fully handle our operations, allowing us to leverage knowledge at both a macro and micro level and also to have control at all times."

de la Lastra says the company wanted a platform based on the best practices of the sector that will grow with the company in the future.

"We wanted our solution to be as intuitive as possible, an integrated and friendly environment both in configuration and in everyday use," she adds.

"This project will help us to improve all our processes and eliminate unnecessary and duplicated tasks – in short, to be more efficient and impactful. The first step will be to analyse and synthesise each part of our operations so we can gain greater efficiency in terms of time and resources. When we have satisfactorily achieved the first stage of PLM implementation, we'll continue to add modules that support different aspects of our work. This is just the beginning."