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Bombyx PLM

Bombyx is a sleek, and understated PLM (product lifecycle management) software system for the apparel, footwear, and accessories industry, available to all company shapes and sizes. With easy to use features and a clean aesthetic, Bombyx PLM will aid your daily business, while also reducing your administration tasks, and speeding up your process and product turnaround.

We’re not only user friendly, but affordable to all levels. With brands demanding an ever increasing reduction on the cost price of their orders, we want to ensure that all brands, no matter the size, have access to the same core tools that are available to companies of a larger scale.This is why Bombyx was born, and why we have decided to ensure all price plans have access to what we like to call ‘essential features’.

If you're on the smaller size end of the scale, Bombyx can help. We want to aid startups and SMB's with their development, allowing them to grow to the same scale as the larger companies they aspire to be, by reducing the amount of admin they have to do, so they concentrate on the fantastic products they want to develop for their customer/client base.

If you're on the larger size end of the scale, we're here for you too! We understand development and production on all levels, and our system is built on being flexible, so that we can adapt to your company's way of working.

Our system is built by industry professionals that are still working within the apparel and production industry today. We want to remain relevant and up to date on the latest, in order to give you what you need, when you need it.

We like things clean, and we like things simple, because the world of fashion and garment manufacturing is complicated enough. Design has been a key feature in the creation of the system, and it's a topic that we always came back to during its development. This is to ensure that we are modern in visual, and easy to use, with as few clicks as possible per process.

Want to know more? Take a look at our features, or contact us for a demo and free trial. We’re here to help!

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