Spanish footwear brand Camper has reduced product development time and boosted quality control after implementing a new Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution.

Founded in 1975, the firm is headquartered in Inca in Mallorca and produces footwear collections for men, women and children. It creates around 500 styles each season that are sold in stores in more than 40 countries.

With the introduction of Centric Software's Centric PLM, it has centralised all product data and streamlined every stage of product development into a single source of truth, with more accurate costing and margin foresight, and reliable, real-time data for strategic planning. 

Juan Enrique Jiménez Esquitino, head of supply planning at Camper, explains the brand previously struggled using out-dated software not designed for the footwear industry, and "desperately needed" a platform to track product development and gain full visibility from ideation to product launch. 

"We used to store our product information in hundreds of Excel sheets," he says. "There was a lot of back and forth with our manufacturers because we didn't have any visibility on the status of our products or the actual costing of raw materials."

The implementation also came when the entire Camper organisation had just been restructured, with Centric PLM helping to bring more visibility to the new processes and assignment of roles. 

"Our teams now have instant access to accurate and reliable data, empowering them to work faster and more efficiently", adds Jiménez Esquitino. "Centric PLM has enabled Camper to power its growth while safeguarding the quality of its products it is known for."

The firm plans to expand the solution to its suppliers overseas to support global growth.