Centric Software has released the latest addition to its Visual Innovation Platform (Centric VIP), with new Visual Studio Boards to help ideas flow smoothly between design studios and production teams.

The innovation digitally transforms ideation and development, connecting teams located in the same room or around the world to provide a global view of materials, colours and styles, allowing users to make decisions and see changes live.

Developed for visual, touch-based devices such as tablets and touchscreen televisions, Centric VIP aims to reduce time to market by streamlining the development and decision-making process.

It can also draw information from Centric 8 PLM or other business systems such as ERP, Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM).

The platform's new Visual Studio Boards allow designers to pull in sketches, images, colours, materials and more from previous collections and desktop files as well as directly from a web browser, such as an image search or a trend service site.

In addition, as ideas mature, product development and production teams add their input resulting in more creative, higher quality and higher margin products.