Product lifecycle management (PLM) solution provider Centric Software has developed a field testing mobile app designed to help apparel and footwear companies track the usage and performance of prototypes and samples. 

The app, developed in Apple's iOS, works with Centric's PLM platform, or can be used as a stand-alone solution. Centric says the app provides an innovative solution for product performance feedback.

"Tracking the location and availability of prototypes and ultimately, wear tester performance feedback, is critically important yet typically accomplished with a mishmash of methods," says Humberto Roa, VP of innovation at Centric Software.

Early stage prototypes can be particularly costly; at times thousands of dollars each to produce, Centric explains.

"Product innovation and performance are critical success drivers for companies," says Chris Groves, Centric CEO. "Centric's new field testing app is a unique example of how capturing data live, in the moment, is not only incredibly valuable but also a natural way of working. This app will help reduces costs while also improving product innovation and performance; which are ultimately keystones of great brands."

Earlier this month, Centric opened its first office in Japan, as part of its ongoing expansion into the Asian market.

Centric Software opens Japan office amid Asian expansion