Centric Software is enhancing its 3D PLM capabilities with the addition of a connector for Dassault Systèmes Solidworks 3D design platform.

The company's vision for an end-to-end 3D product design, development and product review has already seen connectors to other 3D environments such as Browzwear, Optitex and soon to come with CLO. 

Dassault Systèmes is also the parent company of Centric Software. Like Centric's existing 3D connectors, the Solidworks connector enables 3D designers and product teams to access Centric PLM from Solidworks and vice versa.

"Integrating Solidworks and Centric PLM enables companies to eliminate manual processes and time-consuming data entry, and centralises all creative, technical and production-related details relevant to the product lifecycle," says Ron Watson, VP product at Centric Software.

"Access to 3D models in Centric PLM for previews, reviews and use in sales and marketing collateral speeds time to market through accessible collaboration. Ultimately, end-to-end 3D integration improves profitability and shortens the product development cycle." 

Centric has also released Browzwear 3D 2.0, an update to its Browzwear connector, now with Bill of Materials (BOM) integration, enabling designers to automatically create a BOM for a new style in Centric 8 by checking in its completed Browzwear 3D design file.

"The new Browzwear connector automates the process of creating a BOM right from the design space," says Watson. "Centric PLM will use its libraries to generate a BOM matching materials, colours and quantities used in the 3D design, which designers can edit as necessary. This cuts out huge amounts of data entry, enabling a designer to automatically create a BOM in under five seconds."

"Our vision is to provide a continuous 3D workflow that directly responds to the needs of our customers, bringing benefits such as reduced time to market, lowered development costs, increased product innovation and a smaller environmental footprint," adds Chris Groves, president and CEO of Centric Software.