Centric Software has released the latest version of its flagship Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution with features including built-in 3D tools and new sourcing capabilities.

Developed with Centric Software's customer partners and Customer Advisory Board, Centric 8 v7.0 enables users to source a product from multiple suppliers in a move it says will to speed time to market, reduce environmental footprints, lower shipping costs, and enable the production of additional goods last minute.

"With Centric v7.0, teams source a product from multiple suppliers with a few simple clicks; product specifications are created once and then tailored to different vendors and specific supplier requests issued," explains Ron Watson, vice president of product at Centric Software. "This facilitates detailed collaboration with each vendor while creating a massive time saving for sourcing teams."

Building on the recent development of several 3D-enabled features in Centric PLM, Centric 8 v7.0 also offers new 3D visualisation enhancements that can be used with or without a connection to a 3D CAD solution, even for users not specifically trained in the art of 3D development.

"With Centric's 3D viewer, it's now possible to visualise the texture and drape of a material and also adjust its physical properties to see how it will look and move in real life," adds Watson. "The addition of other realistic elements, such as adding trims and changing colours, further reduces dependence on physical samples and fit reviews. Photorealistic 3D models can be shared with suppliers before production; especially useful when creating personalised products. This cuts the cost and time associated with sampling and ultimately speeds time to market for improved market responsiveness."

The update also includes the addition of a two-dimensional sizing matrix on Bills of Material (BOMs), showing a visual two-dimensional correlation (or pattern) between product sizes and the material/component sizes used in the product.