Centric Software has developed what it claims is an industry-first Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution that connects manufacturers with their brand and retail partners for improved quality, lower costs and faster time to market.

Its Manufacturing PLM tool enables brands, private label retailers and manufacturers "to share and harmonise tech pack data even if multiple systems or PLM solutions from other vendors are in play," explains Ron Watson, VP of products at Centric Software. "Directly connecting trusted trading partners is much faster and less error prone than either a traditional email or spreadsheet-based approach or even relying on a supplier portal to exchange data."

According to Centric, the centralised tech pack information within the PLM allows manufacturers to receive data in a standardised, consistent format with systematic placement of specifications and units of measure from multiple brands and retailers.

"Centralised, harmonised information improves workflow, increases efficiency to ensure manufacturers can rapidly adjust to changes, maintain quality and make sure no time is lost for them to deliver products on-time and to spec," Watson adds.

The company explains that sharing technical product data with suppliers helps shrink manufacturing timelines so brands and retailers can get a higher variety of products to market, faster.

Streamlined supplier collaboration also builds closer relationships with trading partners, reduces questions and requests for technical clarification, decreases errors, increases the accuracy of costing and improves the quality of samples, prototypes and finished products.