Chinese menswear brand Seven Brand Group has selected Centric Software's PLM solution to streamline its design, production and merchandising processes.

The move is part of strategy by the group to transform from a wholesale to retail business model. Seven Brand Group produces classic and fashionable menswear that has a distinct Chinese style and quality workmanship. The company has ranked in the top ten largest and most profitable Chinese garment companies since 2001 and has over 3,000 points of sale across the country.

"When rethinking our strategy, it became clear that the old research and development cycle was too long and expensive for a modern fashion business," said Mr Ma, vice president at Seven Brand. "Merchandising is becoming much more important and we realised that we needed to speed up time to market."

The decision to switch to a PLM system was spurred having an outdated product data management system that could only support basic R&D processes, as well as a pressing need for better communication between internal departments, the company said.

"Centric 8 can totally support Seven Brand," says Ma. "Our management team will be able to understand performance and track goals. Centric's flexibility is very important to our design team and provides excellent support for fabric management and merchandising. It's not just a tool, but a platform that we can integrate with other systems to make the business run faster and better."