California-based footwear company Cobian has invested in a new Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution for emerging enterprises to help improve the product development process and be more agile to market trends.

The company, which specialises in flip flops and sandals, has selected Centric Software's PLM product Centric SMB. 

"Like many growing companies, logistics is a regular challenge," explains Travis Brown, technical project manager at Cobian. "We want to develop quality products efficiently and get sampling and quality control done in our factories overseas without relying on spreadsheets and shipping product samples around the world. Our goal is to combine work across teams in different locations, eliminate spreadsheets and maintain product development records.

"To keep growing and penetrate new product segments such as shoes and slippers, we need to take a leap forward. Transitioning product design to a stable digital environment is an important strategic goal."

Brown adds the footwear PLM solution is helping Cobian to run development cycles faster and at a lower cost, making it possible to develop and launch more products efficiently. 

He adds: "We'll be able to hire independent design contractors, as they can easily plug into a well-built system. We'll be more agile and able to react effectively to demand on the sales side to start developing new designs."