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With Simparel® PLM, turning concepts into reality is simple! Simparel PLM fosters collaboration with trading partners and improves visibility and control over the design, development and sourcing processes. And because it is a natively integrated component of Simparel Enterprise, you can adopt a design and produce purchase orders with a simple click of a mouse. Likewise,

Making Concepts Reality - The Simparel Difference

Simparel PLM is designed to address the industry-specific, multi-dimension functionality that global fashion companies require. It gives you the ability to respond with faster, more efficient and cost-effective operations and products.

Simparel PLM seamlessly integrates people, data, processes and business systems, providing the product information backbone fashion companies require in a fast-paced and competitive industry. Enabling collaboration between you and your vendors ensures that all parties are working on the same page throughout the design, development and sourcing processes. Simparel PLM enables you to manage all of your product development, quality and compliance data, images and processes in a single solution.

With Simparel PLM, all of your vendor sample and production orders, complete with their requirements, due dates and status, are visible to both you and your vendors in a list or calendar format to streamline communication and operations. Calendars are automatically updated in real-time to ensure that all parties are always up-to-date.

Simparel PLM customers are achieving benefits such as:

  • Cycle Time Reductions/Speed-To-Market
  • More Effective Cost Management
  • Improved Product Quality
  • Streamlined Sourcing Processes
  • Increased Sales & Profitability

Real-time calendar exception alerts provide you with the ability to efficiently manage the concept-to-consumer process. Users, managers and vendors are notified in real-time of problems that may affect development or delivery of your products, with the ability to drill down and resolve the problem with a click of a button.

Digital asset and document management integrates with Adobe® Illustrator® to provide access to all your images and important design, packaging, import and compliance documents. Managing your digital assets, product development, purchasing and sample approval, and tracking your workflow in one solution enables faster time-to-market, increased process visibility and collaboration, and more.

Simparel PLM Functionality Includes:

  • Merchandise & Line Planning
  • Storyboard & Line Sheets
  • Specifications & Bill of Material
  • Concept to Production Work Flow
  • Color and Material Development
  • Adobe® Illustrator® Integration
  • Digital Asset & Document Management
  • Sample Management & Tracking
  • Sample Cost & Inventory
  • Embedded Email Messaging
  • Time & Action Calendar/Alerts
  • Collaborative Event Tracking
  • Collaborative RFQ & Bids

About Simparel

Designed for the apparel, footwear, accessories, home furnishings and other consumer goods industries, Simparel empowers brands, manufacturers, and vertical retailers to reach their full potential by accelerating and improving performance across the entire business and global supply chain. The Simparel® Enterprise Solution provides global process visibility, control and collaboration by combining traditionally independent Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Sourcing & Supply Chain Management (SCM), Materials Requirements Planning (MRP), Shop Floor Control (SFC), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Warehouse Management (WMS), and other productivity tools into a single, fashion-focused business system.

The fully integrated end-to-end functionality of Simparel keeps teams and vendors working on the same page. Real-time visibility into product development, orders, inventories, production, and supply chain processes enables users to make better informed decisions - faster - across the entire business. The next-generation Simparel software architecture is simpler to deploy and offers greater scalability, performance and total cost of ownership than traditional enterprise solutions. Clients routinely report cost reductions and increased agility and responsiveness across their product development, sourcing, manufacturing, distribution and other business processes with Simparel. 


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