New York, USA, Colombo, Sri Lanka - EAM Maliban Group, a leading manufacturer of apparel goods to USA & Europe has chosen WFX ERP II solution to be implemented across their offices & factories in Sri Lanka and Jordan.

EAM Maliban Textiles Group, has production capacity that exceeds 15 million pieces a year in woven garments and 15 million pieces a year in garment wet processing. Having partnered with World Fashion Exchange Inc. and TCC solutions (pvt) Ltd, Maliban has joined a growing list of customers using the WFX web based ERP II solution to streamline operations and collaborate for real time information across offices, factories and vendors.

Azeem Ismail, MD of Maliban Group, says, "We decided over a year ago that a homegrown solution was no longer going to meet the demands and pace with which we are growing. We needed a professional fashion solution that could cater to our needs present and future across our multi-site enterprise in Sri Lanka and Jordan. After evaluating a number of products in the market, we chose WFX ERP II due its strong track record, focus on the fashion domain, and cutting edge web based technologies."

Drish Paul, CEO of World Fashion Exchange Inc., says, "With our exclusive focus on fashion, we offer our customers deep domain expertise and deliver on the need for flexible solutions that enable quick deployment. Being the leaders in the field and the only players to offer an end-to-end Internet based solution for fashion, we are able to meet the dynamic business requirements of our customers and help them maintain a competitive edge." says

Ashique M. Ali, Director of TCC solutions, WFX's partner in Sri Lanka, says, "We are very excited about the opportunities in the market. In the past, many companies have burnt their fingers trying to implement software with little or no success. WFX brings to the table a solution can truly deliver the needs of the Sri Lanka manufacturing community in the new global business environment."