Advanced Manufacturing Group (AMG), a multinational specialist in footwear development and production, has embarked on a PLM (product lifecycle management) project to help provide retail customers with end-to-end visibility and connectivity.

The selection includes PTC's FlexPLM solution and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, and also encompasses a supply-chain-wide connectivity layer that will optimise AMG's business processes and internal collaboration, as well as providing key retail customers with a holistic view of their supply chains.

AMG has operated successfully for over 30 years in Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Bangladesh, and is sought after for its considerable expertise in footwear research, design, development, commercialisation and production.  

The company works with select regional factories and a global customer base to manage the traditionally-fragmented process of footwear production – from initial brief to finished product.

AMG President Michael Roy explains: "We wanted to identify a technology partner who was proven in the Asia-Pacific region, and whose software and services could scale to manage the volume and variety that AMG produces. 

"But it was also essential that we find a vendor that understood the connected footwear manufacturing landscape, and the demands of producing for household names like America's largest retailer."

Following a successful proof of concept, AMG is rolling out FlexPLM to users across its athletic, lifestyle, service, tactical and work divisions – with FlexPLM's local language support allowing English and Chinese translations of individual attributes.

Powered by the ThingWorx Retail Connector middleware, and implemented by PTC's Chinese partner PISX, AMG will also integrate FlexPLM with digital production solutions like RomansCAD 3D, product testing platform Mesh01, and the independent Material Exchange.

The project also included licenses of PTC's ThingWorx IoT application development kit (ADK), and licenses for the ThingWorx Retail Connector – both of which will be used to add further integrations over time.

"As well as allowing us to use Augmented Reality to share operational knowledge between creative teams and engineers, ThingWorx, paired with FlexPLM, is going to be essential to delivering AMG's vision for the seamless exchange of a single thread of data that runs upstream and downstream, as well as enabling us to accelerate our digital transformation strategy," adds Jake Pinger, chief product officer at AMG.