Technology firm Lectra has appointed Emmanuel Mussault as director of marketing intelligence and communication to increase the company's brand awareness.

The company said the appointment is part of a development plan introduced earlier this year. He will also analyse new challenges of the markets Lectra operates, including fashion, automotive and furniture, and anticipate its customers' future challenges.

Reporting directly to Lectra CEO Daniel Harari, Mussault will be based at the company's headquarters in Paris.

"For nearly 40 years, Lectra has been able to anticipate the development of its markets to support its customers in their strategic challenges. Emmanuel's nomination occurs within a global context of profound changes in many industrial sectors, particularly in high-growth regions, where Lectra has an in-depth knowledge of the global and local challenges," said Harari.

Mussault has held commercial management positions at Chanel, Caron-Révillon, Boucheron and LVMH.