Jesta I.S. a leading supplier of business solutions for the soft goods and specialty markets announced that PUMA AG has successfully deployed its Vision Merchandising solution to manage all purchasing and inventory for all PUMA stores within the European Economic Area (EEA). PUMA is also leveraging Vision Merchandising to manage inventory across its various sales channels including full price stores, outlet stores and a web store.

PUMA AG is rolling out Vision Merchandising in phases starting in Europe with North America already slated for deployment. Vision Merchandising replaces PUMA AG's current system. With Vision Merchandising, users can now easily perform replenishment and price changes. These tasks can now be automated and PUMA buyers, allocators and controllers amongst others can access accurate business data, and drill-down to pertinent information.

"Jesta I.S. has proven to PUMA that they understand our business, and has delivered the solutions that meet our needs. We have been privileged to work with a solid group from their Professional Services team. Part of the immediate benefit is that Jesta I.S. works alongside the client, doing the implementations themselves and no third party vendors or implementers are needed. This makes both our deployment and the Jesta I.S. methodology effective," stated Michael Specht, Global for PUMA AG

"The Jesta I.S. professional services team worked very closely with the PUMA business community to meet PUMA's business goals and help to successfully align its business processes with the Vision Merchandising Solution. We are confident that PUMA's retail team will now be able to leverage critical business data, further enabling them to make better and faster decisions which will ultimately result in increased sell-through of merchandise," commented Maria Amenta, Vice President of Professional Services for Jesta I.S.

"From the sales cycle to go-live, Jesta I.S. has worked closely with the PUMA team to build a long-term relationship and partnership. We are delighted with the success of the project and we are confident that PUMA will reap great rewards by leveraging Vision Merchandising. User adoption is critical to the success of the project and PUMA's team has truly embraced the technology and will be able to perform tasks faster and better than in the past. We are proud to welcome PUMA into the Vision user community," added Leslie Belcher, President of Jesta I.S. One of PUMA's greatest achievements with the deployment of Vision Merchandising as its core retail system is the creation of an environment with one version of the truth. With Vision Merchandising, PUMA is able to increase data availability and transparency while leveraging business data to maximize its analytical capabilities. Vision Merchandising recommends the allocation and replenishment of merchandise aiding PUMA's Buying, Planning and Allocation Team to maximize sales through optimized product allocation. In addition, PUMA's web store can now be replenished seven days per week.