UK-based fitness brand Gymshark has achieved a 30% increase in productivity in its materials process after implementing a new Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution.

Founded as a screen-printing operation in a garage in 2012, today Gymshark is a globally recognised sportswear brand, retailing online to customers in 180 countries.

It has selected Centric Software's PLM solution to help users across design, materials, product development, sourcing and production to collaborate.

Named the UK's fastest-growing company 2016 in The Sunday Times 'Fast Track 100', Gymshark's product team scaled up massively from 44 to 125 people across the UK, Hong Kong and Mauritius in just two years. As such, the company began to struggle with managing complex product data, and was at risk of delays and errors due to multiple working documents being used simultaneously across teams.

Gymshark started its Global Analysis with Centric Software in January 2020, with the UK then going into lockdown in March just as PLM workshops had commenced. Consequently, all training, testing and implementation of Phase 1 working was 100% remote.

"If we enter into another lockdown, and need to work remotely – our PLM will definitely facilitate the ease in which we share information," says Justine McCarthy, development director at Gymshark. "In this early stage, we are seeing huge benefits in our materials process, with an estimated 30% increase in productivity. Admin and communication between teams is seamless, and human error has been greatly reduced. We are able to create more accurate tech packs, in a much more efficient way."

Gymshark's head of development Annalisa Savio, adds her teams found 'comfort' out of PLM during the pandemic.

"They all found it useful to work on the same platform while working from home," she says. "Our first 'Go Live' was in May 2020, in line with our Critical Path. It was tight, and we never expected to be able to do all of this remotely – but the huge commitment and motivation from the whole team made it happen. The thought of another season with multiple Excel docs was just too painful."

She adds Centric's features provided Gymshark with an "excellent foundation" to build from, with the prospect of combining the ambition of a young business with the depth of experience that Centric could offer.

"We are very successful, yet still only ten years old. We felt being able to lean on the experience of Centric would set our young company on a better path."