The time between the emergence of a trend and its mass dissemination has shrunk considerably, from one year to three to five weeks, according to the Boston Consulting Group.

Driving these quick turnaround times are demanding, fickle consumers who want to interact with brands through whichever channel they prefer. How can retailers effectively ideate designs, develop products, and coordinate complex supply chain operations in such a short time?

To discuss this and how PLM is transforming the way you design, develop, source and sell products, join a webinar to be hosted by just-style on Wednesday 14 March.

Over one hour, just-style managing editor Leonie Barrie joins Eric Symon, general manager of PTC's retail business unit, and Capgemini senior PLM manager Brion Carroll to discuss how product lifecycle management solutions and new innovations in product design and development are equipping retailers with automation, digital storyboards, machine learning, AR, and other tools to solve these problems.

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