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About Infor
Infor is fundamentally changing the way information is published and consumed in the enterprise, helping 70,000 customers in more than 200 countries and territories improve operations, drive growth, and quickly adapt to changes in business demands. Infor offers deep industry-specific applications and suites, engineered for speed, and with an innovative user experience design that is simple, transparent, and elegant. Infor provides flexible deployment options that give customers a choice to run their businesses in the cloud, on-site, or both.

Unlock your full potential:
You have designers and merchandisers in London, product developers in Paris, and production staff in China. How do you ensure that all these teams, in all these time zones, working on many different projects, act as one-while satisfying shorter, faster development cycles?

We've built an entirely new solution, Infor® Fashion PLM, to help ensure you have speed and agility to adjust rapidly to what's happening at retail. This powerful product lifecycle management and collaboration platform can help everyone in your value chain innovate faster, respond more quickly, and act more decisively.

See how beautiful software improves performance
After 20 years of bringing powerful fashion-specific solutions to the world's top brands, Infor has recruited world class designers and user experience experts to invent an entirely new approach to product lifecycle management for fashion. We understand the unique dynamics and challenges of the fashion industry, and our innovative solutions amplify your ability to communicate and commercialise your creative concepts from initial sketch through eventual replenishment of retailer inventory. We've pioneered meaningful and pleasurable user experiences that accelerate user adoption and reduce training requirements. With Infor Fashion PLM, you'll be ready to move your inspirations and ideas more rapidly from concept to consumer.

Increase speed and agility
Consistency and accuracy often get lost or compromised when product specifications are transferred to a spread sheet. Beyond the delays and errors inherent to ad hoc planning, spread sheets simply lack the functionality and data structure you need to excel in a fast-moving, consumer-driven industry.

Infor Fashion PLM is a totally new product lifecycle management solution, designed to simultaneously support designers, technical product developers, brand managers, and merchandisers, while serving as a foundation for planning, creating, developing, and sourcing great fashion collections. It's made to help you develop styles more quickly and efficiently, and with more consistent quality, while doing it all on time. You'll also find it easier to convert creative concepts to commercial products rapidly and accurately.

Deliver better products, faster
Infor Fashion PLM is a key component of Infor Fashion, one of the richest, most functionally complete solutions for today's fashion market. It supports your design workflow and new product development cycle, while simultaneously streamlining your overall planning process. Infor Fashion PLM can serve as the platform and hub for your product development team so that you can deliver better products to consumers faster while shaving unnecessary cost.

Be more productive
You can work on multiple activities across different collections with Infor Fashion PLM, because you get:

Concurrent processing - Speed up your overall product design and production process by using Infor Fashion PLM to manage different phases of the same collection simultaneously, rather than sequentially. You'll be able to shorten the time from concept to consumer and stay more agile to keep up with the latest consumer trends.

Natural work flow With a personal homepage, role-based, process-driven activities, and beautiful user experience, you’ll be able to speed the flow of work throughout the business.

Automation of repetitive tasks - Save time and direct your attention to designing, developing and delivering new and better products, and adding value. Let Infor Fashion PLM handle common tasks, so that you can focus on creating innovative and profitable new products. Take advantage of drag and drop access to colors, fabrics, trims, and other supplier details to speed your efforts.

Collaboration across teams - Unify the efforts of creative, technical, and commercial teams using Infor Fashion PLM's comments feature to streamline the design, development, and sourcing process. 

Infor Fashion PLM can also interact with your ERP system so that your original design concepts get communicated clearly and executed accurately through every phase of development, production, and distribution to the end customer. As a result, you can reduce lead times, cut costs, and ensure quality.

You'll be able to accelerate your daily activities with Infor Fashion PLM, which helps everyone work more efficiently. Its unique workflow methodology, together with a beautiful user interface and advanced user experience, is intuitive enough for your design team, powerful enough for your product development team, and accurate enough for your merchandisers.

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Corporate Headquarters
641 Avenue of the Americas
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Infor House
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