3D and 2D web based design, Hololens Augmented Reality, Virtual showrooms/stores and Color Lifecycle Management were just some of the leading edge advances shown at the Product Innovation Apparel Show in New York in June by DeSL.

Grif Carroll, Director of Product Innovation DeSL, stated we received fantastic reactions from the many companies who visited our stand to see how our solutions have evolved to embrace the latest technology. Companies now have the ability to truly provide speed and accuracy to product development and have that flow through the entire supply chain and into multiple sales channels. We've broken down the barriers between different business processes by providing the agility required to make fast and informed decisions and have those seamlessly executed.

We're the first company to deliver 100% web based 3D and 2D design capabilities, irrespective of the originating design package. This enables designers and merchandisers to collaboratively change designs on the web, try different colors and materials etc. in order to come up with the best possible products, update BOM's and Specs in real time and then flow the new products directly to vendors and into our Augmented Reality virtual showrooms and stores to maximise selling efficiencies. Using this technology along with our innovative Color Lifecycle Management solution which ensures that the correct color is selected for the appropriate substrate means that sampling costs can be dramatically reduced, new products introduced faster and the entire supply chain can work with much enhanced collaboration.