Technology specialist Lectra has released a new cloud-based platform that integrates all fashion business processes from ideation to point of sale. 

Kubix Link, with its built-in PLM (product lifecycle management), PIM (product information management) and DAM (digital asset management) capabilities, gives fashion companies a consolidated view of all information pertaining to each product.

Lectra adds that a web-standard interface and social-media-inspired communication tools also help fashion companies to work faster and smarter.

Fashion companies are under pressure to develop more products within increasingly shorter timeframes in response to hyper-connected consumers with their rising expectations and quest for the ultimate consumer and omni-channel experience.

However, as the number of collections grows, so does the volume of fragmented data spread across different systems and platforms in different formats. The struggle to derive value from data becomes bigger every day for fashion executives, complicating their decision-making processes.

"Traditional PLM solutions have historically satisfied the product development process," explains Giampaolo Urbani, product manager of Kubix Link. "However, today's fashion business context calls for more. Companies need solutions that encompass the entire ecosystem and not just a part of it. And that's where Kubix Link can make the difference." 

Powered by cloud technology, Kubix Link is accessible to supply chain actors working on different devices, enhancing collaboration as all members are communicating in real time.

Users can access both internal information, such as sales data to build collections, but also customer-facing content, such as product information and visuals to create product catalogues. The solution can also be configured according to all business models, company sizes and specific needs, from covering only one area to the entire fashion ecosystem, the company says.

"Today's fashion consumers have a holistic approach to shopping. They don't just value the product; they care about their brand experience as well," says Céline Choussy, chief marketing and communications officer at Lectra.

"Instead of focusing on just the items, we also want to help fashion companies manage the entire customer journey and reach their target consumers at every touchpoint. We are also recognising that just like their consumers, fashion company employees are becoming increasingly reliant on technology. Kubix Link is the solution for the everyday web user. It is simple and intuitive. It is everything you need in the palm of your hand."