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Marshall Consultancy Limited

For over 20 years, MCL has worked with fashion retailers, brand owners and manufacturers to deliver hard and soft benefits in the areas of product development and marketing. It has delivered projects, process and culture change and business improvements for some of the most notable names in the industry, as well as for software companies and other solution providers.

For the past few years MCL has been working on alternative solutions to the common challenges facing organisations trying to bring new products to the market profitably, ethically and quickly. Alternative because its view is that the cost, risks and complexities involved in end-to-end PLM solutions aren't appropriate for all organisations.

MCL has a component-based approach to product lifecycle management solutions which reduces complexity, risk and cost and delivers benefits quickly. The components are available separately or integrated and are:

Product Collaborator - product development "lite"
Supplier Collaborator - supplier management for sourcing and ethical trade
Image Collaborator - to enable better capture, management and re-use of design, sample and product images
Chain Reaction - web-based collaboration tools from Axind available separately or as a cluster

- Workflow management
- Planning
- Product development
- Sales and PO management
- Retail/POS
- Inventory management
- Manufacturing




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The Old Stables
More House Farm 
Ditchling Road
Haywards Heath
RH17 7RE