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Momentis Systems Inc.

Momentis has played a role in shaping the fashion ERP space since going live with its first client in 1976, and its focus on R&D has kept Momentis software on the cutting edge ever since. The strength of the Momentis Fashion System, combined with the expertise of Momentis consultants has solidified its reputation as an invaluable partner to fashion manufacturers, wholesalers, franchisors, and self-sourcing retailers.

Momentis' web-based applications link individuals, departments, companies and partners together to improve collaboration, streamline operations and offer unparalleled visibility into business processes. Whether deployed on-site or in the cloud, Momentis solutions compile and dispense BI for strategic decision making, support growth, and facilitate adaptation to new business demands. Momentis invests heavily in R&D to ensure its products take advantage of the latest technologies, offering their customers a truly sustainable competitive advantage.

Momentis is proud to deliver world-class ERP solutions to companies such as ALDO Group, Inc., bebe Stores, Inc., Buffalo, Monique Lhuillier, Specialty Fashion Group, Aurora, ASDA, and Gymboree. The strength of Momentis software has resulted in global expansion, and it is now used by clients based in North and Central America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

"The expertise of Momentis consultants in wholesale best practice provided Lipsy with invaluable insight into improving processes and streamlining operations."
Albert Corin, Wholesale Production Director, Lipsy/Next

Momentis PLM

Momentis' Product Lifecycle Management Software forms the backbone of an information strategy that enables apparel, footwear, and accessories manufacturers and wholesalers to drastically improve efficiencies, decision making capabilities and profitability by streamlining the entire pre-production process on a global scale.

Reduce development costs by facilitating the design process

  • Consolidate dispersed files in a centralized database
  • Start each style development project running with instant access to unlimited and reusable libraries and templates of:
    • Images
    • Colors
    • Raw Materials (fabric, trims, and accessories)
    • Points of measure
    • Costs (duty, freight, commissions, packaging, tags, etc.) based on vendor, production country, and shipping destination
  • Make informed decisions by tracking:
    • Variances between estimated and actual costs
    • Inventory levels
    • Modifications by users
    • Internal and external comments

Maximize revenues by reducing lead times & meeting all deadlines

  • In conjunction with the Critical Path Management module, coordinate start and completion dates for all activities to optimize scheduling and overall efficiency throughout the product lifecycle
  • Monitor all workflow progress and notify parties of their pending tasks with customized alerts sent directly to their dashboards and/or via email
  • Determine which scenarios require management intervention and set up custom alerts to notify key personnel
  • Monitor and react to all changes, issues, and progress made on a style using WIP tracking

Enhance supply chain visibility

  • Create tech packs, send them to vendors for quotes (RFQ's) and manage all vendor relationships within the PLM module.
  • Build and track all sample work orders from multiple vendors, create costing scenarios and follow up on raw material allowances.
  • Use cost templates to automatically calculate and assign fixed and variable costs to styles for complete costing visibility
  • Simulate costs for multiple vendors and conveniently compare them head-to-head to ensure optimum vendor selection
  • Integrate web portals to enable vendors to input information directly into PLM

Access, migrate and share key information whenever it is needed

  • Print stock and custom reports
  • Email reports to internal personnel or external partners
  • Increase sales capabilities by using PLM images and details to populate catalogues with live ERP data

"Momentis PLM facilitates inter-departmental collaboration and accelerates the design, sampling and sourcing processes. The data we now have access to with the push of a button gives us unprecedented visibility into our vendors and costing which has already drastically improved our decision making abilities."
Sergio Gomez, IT Director at Roots

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Momentis Systems Inc.
5500 Ave Royalmount suite 250
Montreal, QC, CA
H4P 1H7