HEAD, Tyrolia, Bogner, Nidecker, Dakine, Alpina, Reusch and many other well known summer and winter sports brands, are exclusively imported by Eurolight in the Benelux , Germany and the UK . About 2,500 retailers, retail chains and buying groups buy their goods of winter sport, racket sport, football, surfing and lifestyle from Eurolight. The representation of that many top brands provides Eurolight with a strong market position. Improvement of service and efficiency are continuously paid attention to.

"Our ambition is to increase our market share in every branch of sports" tells Erol Ertan, director/owner of Euroligth. "To realize this, it is necessary that our company processes will be supported completely by a solution that can grow with us in the future".

To anticipate developments

"The future of our solution at that time was not very favorable: the software was not stable, an obsolete DOS platform and integration with Microsoft Office was not possible. Integration with carriers, barcodes and scanning are developments within the B2B-segment. For us it is important that we are able to anticipate these developments continuously. That is why a modern solution, transparent (management) information and a modern Windows platform are necessary" says Erol Ertan.

Eurolight considered the possibilities of Pebblestone Fashion and drew the conclusion that this is the solution to support all company processes within Eurolight. Microsoft Dynamics(tm) NAV on which Pebblestone Fashion is based, guarantees Eurolight continuity and assures the use of a solution offering the latest developments and innovation. "But also the experience of Pebblestone in our industry and the use of colors and sizes in a matrix appealed to us" adds Frans Näring, Financial Controller of Eurolight.

Overview of the huge amount of information

"Our expectations have been exceeded: we have a more, better and simpler overview of the huge amount of information. Because of this we are able to make quickly and well-founded decisions and we can anticipate the developments of our market. In the past we had to enter a separate article number for every color/size combination; this is no longer necessary.

With the most recent extension of our company, the available intercompany granule has proved itself. At this moment we are extending our warehouse to an area of 3000m². The speed and ease with which we have an overview of our stock positions in Pebblestone Fashion gives us the faith to anticipate even better to the requirements of our customers.

Continuous contact with our customers through the web shop

Based on the good experiences with Pebblestone Fashion we have recently installed a web shop, which fully integrates with the information of Eurolight in Pebblestone Fashion. Through this web shop Eurolight is able to communicate 24/7 with its customers about for instance special offers and available stock. Erol Ertan states: "We have plenty of plans for the future and we are convinced that Pebblestone will support us with Pebblestone Fashion in the right way".