The Bamboo Rose end-to-end product innovation platform has added a new element to its Marketplace platform that allows retailers and their partners to personalise and visualise product lifecycle information using multiple views.

Surviving in the new retail economy means retailers need to go digital, throwing open the lines of communication partners in their supply chains – but with an approach that encourages adoption and stays focused on efficiency.

With this in mind, Bamboo Rose says its new My Views functionality aims to mimic easy-to-use consumer apps to bring B2B enterprise communities together through a personalised experience with data personalisation capabilities, visualisations and grouping/totalling features.

It also allows retailers to prioritise and plan container utilisation during heavy promotional seasons based on the past shipment behaviour of suppliers, shipment timeframes, tradelanes and port congestion.

"With modern technology, retailers are armed with a wealth of data to inform their product development decisions, but it can be overwhelming," says Ann Diamante, chief product officer at Bamboo Rose.

"With the option to define multiple ways to view data – including documents, images, videos or concepts – retailers can drive innovation by allowing individual users to focus on what matters most to them throughout the process."

The company adds that My Views enables retailers to explore automation and data analytics "without engaging in complex, costly implementations, enabling them to break down silos throughout the product development process and putting information in the hands of the user to define how they want to interact with it across the enterprise."

The Bamboo Rose platform encompasses Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Sourcing, Purchase Order, Global Trade Management (GTM), and Sales Order tools.