Gerber Technology has enhanced the performance of its YuniquePLM product lifecycle management software with the addition of new features to help companies meet demands for increased personalisation.

The new YuniquePLM 7.1 upgrades have been developed in response to customer feedback and include Adobe Artboard support and advanced user configurability options.

"Bringing the power of the configurability to the user of a YuniquePLM workspace is at the heart of this release," says Clayton Parker, PLM product manager, Gerber Technology.

Artboard support within YunquiePLM Design Suite Plugin for Adobe Illustrator CC17 on both Mac and PC allows customers to work with one multi-paged Adobe Illustrator doc and assign pages to different sections within a product in YuniquePLM.

Meanwhile, improvements to configurability released with v7.0, and the ability to group pages when editing, allow users to edit pages en masse.

The company has also added six new Pantone libraries.

Enabling the continuous delivery of new features requested by customers means they can be delivered to the core product in a shorter development timeframe, Gerber says, so customers don't have to wait for major software releases to reap the benefit of new functionality.

"Using our user-voice feedback system, customers can request, discuss, and vote on new features to be added to the core product that will help them in the future," continues Parker.

YuniquePLM serves as a central repository of critical data and helps eliminate problems companies often face when using multiple Excel spreadsheets or tracking documents to communicate throughout the stages of product development and management.