French fashion house Paco Rabanne has invested in a PLM system to streamline its product-related operations and as part of a wider bid to create a product database.

The company, which is part of the PUIG Group, has selected Centric Software to provide its Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution.

Paco Rabanne is more than 50 years old and was founded by Rabanne himself, a refugee from the Spanish Civil War, who became known for his idiosyncratic designs involving chainmail, plastic and other non-traditional materials. Today, the brand has evolved into a purveyor of luxury apparel, fragrances and accessories.

CEO Bastien Daguzan says Paco Rabanne is in an important growth phase as a brand.

"We realised we needed to better industrialise each product before handing it over to production and create a true product database, including reusable attributes such as styles, colours and trims. PLM is the leading solution for addressing these challenges in the fashion industry, and many of our colleagues had experience using PLM systems in former positions."

The decision to choose Centric was influenced by the fact that Centric already works with PUIG at a group level as a PLM partner to Nina Ricci.

"We have seen the effect of Centric PLM implementation at Nina Ricci, and we wanted to capitalize on their experience. We could see that Centric PLM would help us to be faster in our operations, improve efficiency and provide a reliable source of reference data," Daguzan adds.

The implementation of Centric PLM will begin at Paco Rabanne later this year, with an initial focus on modules that handle style creation and costing.

"We want the complete product development process visible in the system. Once we are handling the basic information about styles in the system, the parameters can be extended depending on user feedback," says Daguzan. "Our expectation from this project is that we will streamline our processes and internal databases to better address our business challenges."