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New Branding Identity for Lectra

 10 January 2018 | Source: Lectra

Number one industry ranking for Lectra Fashion PLM system

 18 January 2017 | Source: Lectra

Lectra appoints Céline Choussy Bedouet as Chief Marketing Officer

 5 May 2015 | Source: Lectra

Lean Product Development For Fashion: Transforming Process To Build a Better Product

 22 October 2014 | Source: Lectra

FRANCE: Lectra holds its 6th International Education Congress

 18 December 2013 | Source: Lectra

FRANCE: Lectra holds Fashion Seminar in Bordeaux

 11 December 2013 | Source: Lectra

FRANCE: Lectra appoints Eric Hubert as deputy sales director

 25 November 2013 | Source: Lectra

Webinar: Achieving the perfect fit

 25 June 2013 | Source: Lectra

France: Lectra Announces FIT Design Competition Winners

 15 March 2013 | Source: Lectra

UK: Lectra and Pantone share the latest information on advanced design and colour communication solutions with the fashion design community

 12 March 2013 | Source: Lectra

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France: Lectra holds its 5th International Education Congress in London

 14 December 2012 | Source: Lectra

UK: Lectra and ASBCI give apparel companies the opportunity to address changing needs in the industry

 7 December 2012 | Source: Lectra

FRANCE: Mussault to head Lectra's marketing and communication

 24 May 2012 | Source: Lectra

FRANCE: Lectra Appoints Bertrand Crönert as Manufacturing Marketing Director

 23 March 2012 | Source: Lectra

Mexico: Lectra Showcases Full Range of Fashion Solutions at Intermoda Guadalajara in Mexico

 17 January 2012 | Source: Lectra

UK: Lectra and ASBCI provide an opportunity for apparel companies to experience the latest innovation in the industry

 4 January 2012 | Source: Lectra

France: Lectra’s 4 th International Education Congress Honors Collaborative Work, Design, and 3D Technologies

 15 December 2011 | Source: Lectra

CANADA: Lectra Announces Sponsorship and Collaboration With Canada's Apparel Connexion

 6 December 2011 | Source: Lectra

US: North Carolina State University Selects Lectra PLM for College of Textiles

 18 November 2011 | Source: Lectra

FRANCE: Lectra presents Modaris® V7 and puts 3D technology at the heart of fashion development

 27 September 2011 | Source: Lectra

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