Russian casual wear brand Finn Flare has replaced its legacy Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software with a new solution to enhance data management and analysis and help reduce development time for new collections.

The retailer has 150 stores across the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Belarus, and has expanded to the German, Austrian and Netherlands markets via online shopping networks.

"Our collection development process is constantly being improved, and our existing programme could not provide enough analytical data," explains Valentina Khilmanovich, deputy director of design and production. "We needed a single platform to combine flows of information, including photos, boards, sketches, spreadsheets, files and emails, and give the entire team updated data."

The company has selected Centric Fashion PLM, becoming Centric Software's second customer in Russia after fast fashion brand Limé.

The system "combines planning, calendar management, material management, collection management, technical product design, quality management and production," Khilmanovich adds. 

"The Material Sample and Final Inspection mobile apps will allow our representatives in Southeast Asia to give us information in near-real time on materials and components confirmed for production and the results of final product quality checks."

Khilmanovich continues: "Analytical data from a single platform will drive accurate and quick product decisions. We expect to reduce time to market and further improve product quality."