Ethical cashmere brand Naadam has invested in a new Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution to help drive transparency, improve vendor collaboration and sustain growth.

Founded in 2013, Naadam has a direct-to-consumer business model that keeps prices affordable while ensuring that goat herders in Mongolia who produce their cashmere are fairly rewarded and supported. The company, which recently expanded its brands with the relaunch of womenswear brand Thakoon, says because it does not work with traders, brokers or buyers it pay its herders 50% more.

It has selected Centric Software's Centric Fashion PLM and expects to scale the business "significantly" with the solution as a digital foundation.

Senior vice president of operations, Noah Roswig, says the software includes features that will help the company achieve its end goals, such as clear milestones and calendarisation across multiple brands and channels, historical change-tracking of product attributes across seasons and real-time vendor portal communication.

"We will gain greater oversight and control of a hectic and multi-faceted process," he adds. "We expect that Centric will allow us to scale our business upwards to many multiples of where we are now while maintaining a consistent approach to every product."