Finland-based functional childrenswear brand Reima has invested in a PLM system as part of its plans to digitalise its global business and help bolster more agile and cost-effective growth.

The company has selected the Danish Trimit solution, which is represented in Finland by Innofactor. At its core is the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Trimit Fashion ERP system, developed for the needs of the clothing and textile industries.

The solution connects Reima's global operations and partner network, and connects the web store and retail stores. Trimit is used in all the countries Reima operates in, across the entire business process from product planning, ordering and delivery all the way to financial management.

"The system we have implemented for Reima adapts to the needs of different markets and easily keeps up with the fast tempo of the operating environment and the company's annual growth of 30%," says Tuula Aro, director, Dynamics ERP at Innofactor.

"This solution has made the designing of clothing collections faster. Also, the advance sales tools make it even faster to react to the market-specific customer needs. In addition to ERP, the digitalising and gamification should extend more and more to the end products, in this case smart clothing."

Reima's net sales in 2017 were around EUR112m (US$131.4m). The company makes functional and sustainable clothing for active children, aged 0 to 12, and employs over 400 people, of which 120 work in Finland.

Around 80% of Reima's net sales come from international markets, from over 70 countries. The net sales obtained via digital channels this year will be around 15% of the company's total sales, and the goal is to double that figure by 2020.

Reima's first digital product, the ReimaGo activity sensor, developed in cooperation with Suunto, was released in 2016. As part of Reima's digital strategy, the start-up company Finnish Baby Box was acquired in December of the same year.