Reliable of Milwaukee, a family-owned apparel and consumer goods business, is implementing an end-to-end enterprise software solution to help improve supply chain efficiency.

Reliable of Milwaukee is a family-owned fourth generation business that operates several distinct brands, including the Original MUK LUKS, Quietwear, and Nitro Golf.

It has selected CGS's BlueCherry Enterprise Suite of solutions, including enterprise resource planning (ERP), product lifecycle management (PLM) and B2B e-commerce. 

Implementation, it says, will not only help boost agility and flexibility in order to meet the needs of its customers, but also enhance speed to market and transparency in its supply chain.

The software will "help us automate the fulfilment process and streamline our supply chain activities. Before, we used workarounds with multiple virtual warehouses and spreadsheets just to manage our wholesale and e-commerce orders," says Lisa Riley, director of management information systems at Reliable of Milwaukee.