Hong Kong, New Delhl - World Fashion Exchange Inc. announced today that SKD Pacific Group has signed an agreement to implement WFX Web PLM. Fully implemented, the enterprise solution will be used by SKD Pacific's international team as well as by corporate management. SKD Pacific Group is an international apparel trading company, headquartered in Hong Kong, with manufacturing facilities in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The company also sources from China.

WFX Web PLM, built on the latest .NET technology, provides a complete design and data management solution from product concept to delivery. SKD Pacific will streamline its entire sourcing processes by connecting all departments through this powerful workflow management tool which automates design, merchandising, planning, procurement and LC management. In addition, WFX Web PLM will allow for easy collaboration with SKD Pacific's international sourcing offices.

"We expect to realize savings, primarily through increased efficiency that is completely in line with the size of our investment. At the same time, we are confident that we will achieve increased revenue as a result of improved customer service," says Sridhar, COO, SKD Pacific Group, Hong Kong.

SKD Pacific Group conducted a six-month long evaluation process before the company decided to implement WFX.

"The one thing that was most attractive about this software was how easily it could be adapted to any aspect of apparel manufacturing, exporting, importing and trading. The key benefits for SKD Pacific Group are streamlined processes which achieve significantly shorter lead times and no duplication of work. This will certainly help us serve our customers much more efficiently" Says Sridhar.

Manage your entire sourcing processes with WFX Web PLM. Connect and involve all departments, including design, merchandising, planning, production and procurement. WFX Web PLM enables easy collaboration among offices, buying agents, suppliers and importers.

"We are pleased that SKD Pacific Group has decided to implement WFX Web PLM. Our product provides unique solution for the company's entire apparel sourcing process", says Jatin Paul, Vice President of Business Development.