Premium sports brand 100% has invested in a new Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution to help manage its growth and streamline efficiencies.

Based in San Diego, California, 100% designs and builds advanced performance eyewear, technical apparel and sports protection.

The company has experienced rapid growth in recent years, with the number of products increasing as well as the breadth of its product offer. 100% needed a solution to replace its home-grown product development system and get everyone on the same page.

It has selected Centric SMB, the cloud-based tool tailored for small to medium businesses from Centric Software.

Blake Gordon, information systems manager at 100% says: "I was brought on board two years ago to better integrate and utilise technology. We had an in-house-built system for product development where we were using only two out of our three product categories; that being soft goods (clothing, etc) and hard parts (mountain biking gear and helmets). With the rapid growth of our eyewear and goggle categories, we quickly recognised the importance of building a solution that would meet our operational needs."

According to Gordon there were two mandates the new solution needed to fulfil: first, to provide a central data repository accessible to all, and secondly, to reduce manual data entry and re-inputting information from the in-house system to ERP and POs.

"We evaluated four different PLM systems and chose Centric because of their established and mature features and functionality already present in the solution."