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Texbase, Inc.

Texbase Powers Great Product Experiences

Texbase provides compliance, quality and material management software solutions that power great product experiences. Texbase extends PLM. Texbase data management and collaboration solutions deliver improved quality, speed and cost for brands and retailers in the apparel, footwear, home textiles and consumer product industries. Texbase is a pioneer in web-based business solutions and collaboration platforms that unite brands, retailers, suppliers and testing labs. Texbase solutions provide benefits that span the full product development and supply chain continuum, from product and materials concept to finished product regulatory compliance.

Texbase Materials

Texbase Materials enables design and development teams to more efficiently manage fabric and trim development, material sourcing, specifications and vendor collaboration. Texbase Materials is a solution that compliments PLM and empowers teams to be efficient and innovative.

Select Features and Benefits

  • Fiber, Yarn, Fabric and Trim Libraries That Improve Innovation and Sourcing
  • Specifications That Drive Quality and Ensure Compliance
  • Project Management Tools That Reduce Cycle Time
  • Executive Dashboards That Provides Transparency
  • Certification Manager Aligns Design and Production Teams

Texbase Color

Texbase Color enables comprehensive visibility into color project management on a global scale, providing a single, automated platform to easily create, search, view and clone color standards, where color information is linked to materials, fabrics, specifications and testing results in the Texbase solution. Texbase Color delivers an integrated system that streamlines your color approval workflow and generates valuable, current status reports.

Select Features and Benefits

  • Color Master Organizes Information
  • Color Palettes Simplify Seasons
  • Lab Dip Automation Reduces Cycle Time
  • Status Management System Increases Control and Visibility
  • Full Integration with the Broader Solution Enables Understanding and Communications

Texbase Quality

From raw material concepts to finished product compliance, Texbase Quality delivers powerful tools to capture, analyze and report on the physical test data that defines product integrity. Increase the quality of your materials by clearly defining test methods across your entire supply chain. Texbase Quality creates an environment where your testing practices and test standards are consistent internally and externally.

Select Features and Benefits

  • Centralized and Standardized Data Management Delivers Efficiency, Quality and Compliance
  • Seamlessly Integrates with Internal and External Testing Labs Along with Suppliers
  • Automatically Notifies Users of Exceptions for Rapid Response and Improved Quality
  • Full Integration with Texbase Materials
  • Executive Dashboards for Customized Reporting Creates Understanding and Action
  • Customized Reporting

Texbase Compliance

Texbase Compliance solutions help quality and compliance professionals meet requirements such as the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), California Proposition 65, and to manage Restricted Substance lists. Through a comprehensive range of automation and management options, Texbase securely unifies brands, retailers, suppliers and labs for material and product development, testing protocols, quality testing and compliance documentation. On the Texbase platform, compliance is either the outcome of an end-to-end process of material and product development, protocol definitions, reasonable testing plans and CoC documentation or a standalone solution for finished products.

Select Features and Benefits

  • Centralized Compliance Data Creates Efficiency, Delivers Effectiveness
  • Automatic Exception Notification Enables Rapid Response
  • Electronic Lab Test Data Delivers Improved Speed To Market
  • Project Management Tool Creates Control, Accountability and Operating Effectiveness
  • One-Click General Certificate Of Compliance and GCC Portal Makes It Simple

Texbase Connect

Texbase provides brands and retailers with real-time access to their supplier's development and production data, as well as their lab's testing data, eliminating costly development and production errors. Texbase delivers suppliers with a platform to promote materials and components to Texbase brand clients, who can instantly search, view and import materials directly into their product development process.

Select Features and Benefits for Brands and Retailer

  • A Fully-Managed, Web-Based Collaboration Tool To Increase Efficiency, Shorten Cycle Time
  • A Data Management Communications Platform That Produces A Single Version Of Truth
  • A Lab Test Connect Collaboration Solution That Provides Usable Data, Not Trapped Documents
  • An Electronic Signature Specification Capability That Improves Speed To Market
  • Shared Fabric Libraries That Support Innovation

Texbase Certification Portal

Texbase Certification Portal provides brands with a web-based product certification capability that streamlines operations and reduces cost through automated and centralized tracking, processing and documentation of test results to support certification. Global suppliers can produce certificates of compliance for the materials, component parts or finished products they provide, assisting brands and retailers in meeting their regulatory obligations.


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