Turkish based fashion brand and retailer Colin's has implemented DeSL's PLM solution to help support its ambitious growth plans.

Istanbul-based Colin's has 670 stores in 32 countries, and hopes to expand to 1,200 stores in 50 countries within five-years.

The software tool will support not only the full design and development process, but also purchase order management, order placement, supplier management, sample management, manufacturing and quality control.

It will also manage supplier quotations, pricing and documents, as well as full collaboration across the product lifecycle.

"We needed a solution that would help manage a highly changeable and complex processes across the whole development, manufacturing and delivery process," explained Caglar Belirgen, head of sourcing and technical group at Colin's.

"Many activities change constantly such as the sample process, changes made during manufacturing which influences costs and pricing, which then has an impact on distribution and warehousing. 

"The DeSL PLM gives us the ability to manage constant change in all areas of the business, react accordingly and provide visibility of the complete supply chain operation."