Lectra, the world leader in integrated technology solutions dedicated to industries using soft materials-textiles, leather, industrial fabrics, and composite materials, and a premier member of the ASBCI (Association of Suppliers to the British Clothing Industry), was delighted to host a unique overseas ‘technical visit' for other ASBCI members.

The purpose of the visit was to show leading UK clothing companies how Lectra's range of product development solutions are constantly being innovated and improved upon to be in line with the changing needs of the fashion industry.

Hosted by Lectra at their facilities near Bordeaux, the event focused specifically on challenges faced by
fashion companies, especially relating to collaboration between different departments, as well as the
importance of communication between brand owners and suppliers.

During the visit, participants saw demonstrations that illustrated how this innovative modular offer
addresses collection development from the drawing board to the cutting room, including product development and 3D virtual prototyping, through a combination of management tools tailored to the needs of the fashion market.

Technology highlights shared at the event included Lectra Fashion PLM and how it integrates the entire collection development process on a single, shared platform resulting in greater productivity and profitability. Demonstrations of new Modaris® V7, Lectra's pattern making, grading and 3D virtual prototyping solution, ‘wowed' the audience with a revolutionary new way of working and showed how 3D
prototyping reduces the number of physical prototypes needed during development. These solutions respond to a need for faster collection development cycles, consumer demands for more precise fit and greater choice, and a globalised production process.

Malcolm Ball, chairman of the ASBCI commented: "The visit was extremely enjoyable and informative. I was particularly impressed by the integration of the modules, their sophistication and content. From my interest in colour management, I was pleased to see that the technology developments of the last few years have been incorporated and made very user-friendly. The quality control evident in the design and construction equipment, allied to the superb customer service promises to ensure the highest levels of performance throughout the supply chain. "

Alistair Knox, senior lecturer of the Nottingham Trent University and treasurer of the ASBCI added: "It
must be mentioned that Lectra were superb hosts and gave a comprehensive insight into a highly technical area of the fashion business."

"We see great value in discussing challenges and solutions with our clients and were honoured to be able to share Lectra's vision of the fashion industry. It is so important to get direct feedback from the industry on their key challenges. That feedback matched with Lectra's proactive approach to constantly develop and improve our offering, positions Lectra well to help fashion companies streamline their processes to become more profitable" said Mark Lyness, Managing Director, Lectra UK Ltd.

Due to positive feedback and interest from attendees Lectra plans to hold the event again in 2012 for
ASBCI's members.