The first installment, "Defining QUALITY From the Start at Under Armour", will take place on Wednesday, October 26, 2011, at 11am MST, and registration is open (

Join Under Armour's Director of Materials, Jeff Dorton, Materials Development Manager, Kyle Blakely, and TEXbase CEO, Joe Walkuski, as they discuss and demonstrate how the TEXbase solution has redefined supplier collaboration, optimized the materials development & design process, and turned supply chain data into actionable information in pursuit of the Under Armour mission.

"TEXbase is the critical foundation upon which we build product", says Jeff Dorton, Director of Materials for Under Armour. "Whether you have a PLM or not, TEXbase fuels textile and apparel excellence and mitigates risk throughout your supply chain."

"The supply chain is increasingly becoming a target for strategic initiatives among the world's leading consumer products companies. TEXbase provides the value that PLM, PDM and ERP systems fail to address when a company is looking to their supply chain as a means of improving corporate performance and ensuring compliance", states TEXbase founder Joe Walkuski. "Over the next few months, we're looking forward to joining with several of our customers to present why the TEXbase solution is the tool they use to achieve supply chain optimization, and we're thrilled that our long-time partner, Under Armour, is joining us to kick-off this series of extremely informative events."