Brooks Brothers and TEXbase collaborated to manage the complexity and rapid changes in U.S. and international product safety regulations, product testing, global compliance requirements and the corresponding demands on fabric development. The TEXbase system was deployed to achieve this broad range of compliance outcomes.

Brooks Brothers was founded in 1818 and enjoys a rich history of introducing new products, ideas, and processes to their customers, across their global supply chain and within their own organization. Brooks Brothers recognized a critical need for a system to support their rapid expansion, ongoing innovation and the growing list of compliance requirements. Brook Brothers chose TEXbase to upgrade their technology platform to propel their business forward.

Through a comprehensive range of automation and management options, TEXbase securely unifies brands, retailers, suppliers and labs for material and product development, testing protocols, quality testing and compliance documentation. TEXbase Compliance solutions help quality and compliance professionals meet a broad range of compliance and regulatory requirements. On the TEXbase platform, compliance is either the outcome of an end-to-end process of material and product development, protocol definitions, reasonable testing plans and CoC documentation or a standalone solution for finished products.

Wayne Huyard, President, TEXbase
"TEXbase is honored to work with Brooks Brothers. Brooks Brothers is a great partner and a leader addressing the broad challenges of compliance and global regulatory requirements across their supply chain. The pressures and requirements related to product compliance are mounting and the risks are real. With TEXbase in place, Brooks Brothers' can better manage the risk associated with fines, recalls, off-quality and poor product experiences."