Vietnamese footwear brand Biti's has implemented a new Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution to centralise data and speed time-to-market.

Biti's began as a small-scale workshop in 1982. Today, it has 200 stores and five factories in Vietnam and employs about 8,000 people. Covering manufacturing to retailing, Biti's produces about 20m pairs of footwear annually.

Seeking to replace an outdated PLM with a more effective platform, Biti's selected Centric Footwear PLM.

"Currently, our data is scattered and not centralised," Biti's vice president of R&D, Jenny Vuu, said. "Producing reports requires a lot of time and paperwork, and it is difficult to track sample phases in real-time. This causes mistakes and wastes time and money. We wanted a new PLM to minimise mistakes, speed up reporting, track the range visually and monitor the product lifecycle in order to deliver products to market on time."

Vuu cites Centric PLM's agility, user-friendliness, functionality and ability to go live in six months as critical factors in Biti's decision.

"Centric is a well-known PLM for many fashion brands, especially footwear, and we're very confident of the project's success. We'll be able to track delays, manage potential risks, track historical product development data, easily find information and optimise our processes. We expect to reduce time to market, react smartly to fast fashion trends and give R&D teams more time to focus on technical improvements."