Chinese clothing company Yunfu Clothing has invested in a new Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution to boost its global business development.

Yunfu's main business involves sweaters, cotton, knitwear and woven garments which are solely exported to the United States. It has a unique business model that integrates R&D and design, product manufacturing, warehousing and transportation, order processing, wholesale operations and e-commerce retail. 

The company has a design, development and sales centre in New York and an overseas warehouse and logistics center in Los Angeles.

Yunfu has always been customer-centered and is facing greater challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It has, therefore, accelerated its digital transformation and aims to improve R&D efficiency, strengthen product management and optimise team collaboration with PLM technology. As such, it has selected Centric Manufacturing PLM to replace its existing in-house system.

"The previous system could no longer meet our needs. We attach great importance to our investment in R&D management, so we needed a more professional and modern PLM solution," says Yunfu COO Hua Haoxin.

"Yunfu has many R&D and sales teams who are mostly overseas, so we needed a system that enables global team collaboration."

Yunfu's PLM project was launched in October, with key objectives including accumulating foundation data and establishing a knowledge base to support rapid R&D; increasing collaboration and achieving transparent and controllable product development; and finally, establishing a customer-oriented product library to more accurately understand market demands on the planning side.